Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is it Too Good To Be True?

K Briefly on this hand fetish thing! One of my commenters (I believe Two Date Diva) mentioned that she had heard of foot fetishes, but not hand fetishes. I agree I had never heard of them either. But now I'm starting to think I'm living under a rock! Because this message just arrived in my inbox, from a DIFFERENT guy... and for the record, there is no close up picture of my hands or anything on any profil ethat I have!

Subject: Your Subject Line here-----your pic's
nice polished fingernails...nice !!

That's it, that was the whole message!! Is there a club or something? maybe I better filter through my photos and take some out!

Anyway, on to the real topic. I've been chatting with a guy on MSN and it's actually going well! He's nice, he hasn't made any stupid comments (like the moron who said I fill out my shirt well), and he actually seems interested. So am I missing something? Is this just too good to be true? I wonder if he'd go see Sex In the City with me? If he agrees to that, then he really is too good to be true!

Stay tuned for updates!


Anonymous said...

Hi Searching for the one,

I thought I would just comment on the eye herpes thing on your site cause I have been taking up enough space in adventure grrls comments with my personal pity party.

eye herpes is from the chicken pox virus and it is kinda like cold sores, but I have it on my cornea right now and it is so f***ing painful and I might lose my eyesight, so I was having trouble feeling bad about overplucked brows. Even though I think adventure grrl is awesome and I am a huge fan of her blog.

I guess I aquired this gem of an illness by working too hard and having an autoimmune disease that requires me to take immune suppressant drugs. I told both of my jobs I have it and I wasn't even given a single day off.

I don't want to hog your comments section, but you asked (aren't you sorry you asked?)


P.S. I love your blog, but being happily married for 23 years, I don't have much that I can say.

Two Date Diva said...

Congrats on MSN guy! There really are great guys out there, but I think they hide themselves pretty well. If he takes you to see SATC find out if he has a brother in Florida......

So@24 said...

Too early to make a statement. Interesting to see where this goes.

How do you feel about posting a few lines from your chats? Everyone likes a short dialog!

adventure grrl said...

unless guys like man hands - I'm screwed. hee hee

jtomeny said...

Really bad line. His intentions are obviously very clear.

adventure grrl said...

Hi Doll! I found a sweet comment you left for me on my blog 100 Days in Bed and I wanted you to know I'm back to writing there! Hope ur great and will stop by sooooon. xoxoxo

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