Friday, May 9, 2008

Totally Off Topic but Worth a Discussion OR DUMBEST SURVIVOR PLAYER EVER!

Short and sweet today since I haven't been checking my online dating e-mail, so I have nothing bad to report. Actually I have some good. (I know, I'm shocked too). I've been talking to a guy on MSN who seems normal, and isn't making drunken pick-up line comments.


Who watched Survivor last night? All I have to say is Erik, I hope you like your ice cream scooping job. You're going to be there a while brother. We kind of pinned what was going to happen early on. Since the previews said it would be a shock, I said he's going to give away his immunity. Then I started thinking that he cannot be THAT stupid. Oh did he prove me wrong. I think Amanda's comments to the camera while she was voting summed it up well...because she basically was at a loss for words.

They showed Ozzy's face and he had a complete look of WTF as he shook his head. And James, always good for a laugh proudly announces "I am no longer the dumbest survivor in history."

in closing, I would like to quote from Jeff Probst and the recap on

Probst calls this a "life lesson," although if that's a lesson you need for your life I'm not sure how much longer you're going to be living it. Putting pants on in the morning has to be quite the brainteaser.

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