Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MSN is the Singles Bar of the Internet.

Well dear readers, I thought that this would be a rather slow week. Not too much action on the old dating sites. But then I received an IM from a man I had decided was worthy enough to be added to MSN. We had chatted a bunch of times and he seemed like a nice guy, we had things in common. You know just your basic idle chit chat. Now, I don't know what it is about MSN that causes this whole Jekyll and Hyde syndrome, but MY GOD! It's like as soon as some of them get on MSN it's like a invitation for their unattractive, bar pick-up guy side to come out.

Things started out nice and normal. You know "hi, how are you?" All the pleasantries. Then a compliment! "I love the picture of you in your office." Aww isn't that sweet ladies? He said "I presented myself well." OK whatever that means, It's a compliment, I'll take it. But beware of the compliment ladies, it's like a set up. Butter you up so you let down your guard and then WHAM! they hit you with the bull shit! It's like "here little girl, want some candy." Don't take the candy! Don't get into the inconspicuous white van. STRANGER DANGER!

Because after this compliment "nice guy" went to "drunk pick up line guy" like that! (pretend I just snapped my fingers).

"Yeah you really fill out that shirt well. I'm having visions of attacking you at your desk." At this point, were I actually at a bar, I would be looking at this guy with the one raised eyebrow clearly meaning "you're kidding right? that's the best you got?"

Had he stayed nice guy and just stuck with the compliment, I would have kept chatting. But, no, you had to mention the girls didn't you. My eyes are up here bone head.

So I did the equivalent of walking away at a bar. Blocked!

And another one bites the dust!


So@24 said...

I'm no guru... but dude... that was rookie

adventure grrl said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You rock girl :)

Jen said...

Some guys just need to brush up on their MSN manners...you're right there something about chatting that apparently says to them "let it all out" and not in a good way.

Anonymous said...